Tournament Format:
*Double elimination with a 5-game guarantee*

C Division: No C Division team can exceed a cap of 140, and no player can exceed a rating of 15
D Division: No D Division team can exceed a cap of 110, and no player can exceed a rating of 12
E Division: No E Division team can exceed a cap of 75, and no player can exceed a rating of 8
Women’s Competitive Division: No Cap or rating.  A team can comprise A, B, C or D rated players
Women’s D Division: No Women’s D Division team can exceed a cap of 519, and no player can exceed a rating of 50.  However, no more than 3 “C-rated” players not exceeding the rating of 65, can be on the roster.  Can not exceed team cap!

Registered Teams

No Division B Teams Registered at this time.

Division C
Orlando Surge C Longwood, Florida
Salvajes Orlando, Florida
Orlando Liberty WINTER PARK, Florida
TC Swingers New Hope, Minnesota
Felicias WIlton Manors, Florida
Bombers Orlando, Florida
TPA Tropics Riverview, Florida
Circus Orlando, Florida
Orlando Fury Unleashed C Orlando, Florida

Division D
Alpha Prime Margate, Florida
Bonquishas Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Swing Left Orlando, Florida
Ump Yours Orlando, Florida
Raleigh Woofs Raleigh, North Carolina
Blue Tails Orlando, Florida
Orlando Surge Orlando, Florida
Onslaught D Orlando, Florida
G-Level Orlando, Florida
Liberty Swingers Orlando, Florida
BYOB Clearwater, Florida
Riot D Hoover, Alabama
Base Grinders SANFORD, Florida
Birmingham Sliders D Irondale, Alabama
Home Wreckers Orlando, Florida
Tampa Aces D Tampa, Florida
Riptide Oakland Park, Florida
Bedroom Box Fort Lauderdale, Florida
FTL FAME Wilton manors, Florida
Looney Tunes Squad Orlando, Florida
FTL Bombers Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Freedom Orlando, Florida
Tampa rawdogs Tampa, Florida
Tampa Bay Jokers Tampa, Florida

Division E
Fort Lauderdale Fame E Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Birmingham Slammers Homewood, Alabama
Scrub Jays Kissimmee, Florida
Superheroes Orlando, Florida
The Kraken Orlando, Florida
Onslaught E Orlando, Florida
Super Villains Orlando, Florida
Tennessee Whisk-E Knoxville, Tennessee
Sissy That Swing Orlando, Florida
RIOT Hoover, Alabama
Dallas Supremes Midlothian, Texas
Dallas Angels Dallas, Texas
Liberty Baggers Orlando, Florida
Tampa Heat Land o lakes, Florida
Fury Unleashed E Orlando, Florida
Tampa Bay Jokers E Tampa, Florida

Women’s Competitive Division
day drinkers Orlando, Florida
AP Sol Rebels Pembroke pines, Florida
Bat and Boujee Winter Springs, Florida
Bad Pitches New Port Richey, Florida
Pink Ladies Orlando, Florida
Infamous C Orlando, Florida

Women’s D Division
Geckos Orlando, Florida
Ortho/Infamous Orlando, Florida
Foolish Mortals Orlando, Florida
Mayhem Apopka, Florida
Last Call Coconut Creek, Florida
Level Up Orlando, Florida
Glove Handles Oakland Park, Florida
Dirty 30 Pompano, Florida
Hott Mess Knoxville, Tennessee