2017 Orlando Meltdown Charity Softball Tournament
2017 ASANA World Series Qualifier


·         2 Divisionsflyer-2-final

o   Upper – to include any combination of A, B or C players

o   Lower – to include any combination of D and E players


o   Teams who place (1st, 2nd, 3rd) in each of the 2 divisions will be awarded a berth to the 2017 ASANA World Series Softball Tournament.

o   1st Place teams will have their registration fee for the 2017 ASANA Series waived.

·         Eligibility to use this tournament as a Qualifier for the 2017 ASANA World Series Softball Tournament

o   Team is new to –  or not –  a member of ASANA.

o   Team did Not attend the 2016 ASANA World Series Tournament

o   A Women’s established CFSL team may win a berth to this World Series –BUT must also become eligible by playing in 1/3rd of the CFSL’s qualifying season (Spring 2017).

o    A Non-Established CFSL Orlando based team – made up of no more than 40% of existing Central Florida Softball League members.

o   Players on a roster who ‘place’ in this tournament are only eligible to play for that team in the 2017 ASANA World Series  – Unless, they also play and are verified as eligible through their Member City’s 2017 qualifying season. Then they are eligible to play for whomever they choose – per the ASANA Code.

·         Team Requirements

o   Declare in writing to the tournament director that your team is attending this tournament in an attempt to qualify for the 2017 ASANA World Series.

o   Declare in writing to the tournament director that, should you place in your division, the charity donation check will be made payable to ASANA, Inc., noting ‘The Peanut Foundation’, in the memo portion of the check. That check will be submitted on your behalf to ASANA, to be applied to your 2017 team registration fee.

Ø  1st Place Teams – The Peanut Foundation will cover the balance of your registration fee, Only.  It will not cover your Hotel Deposit nor the $5.00 per rostered player fee.

Ø  2nd & 3rd Place Teams – Your check will be applied to your 2017 ASANA team registration fee. The balance due is your responsibility.

Ø  Should you elect to not attend the 2017 ASANA World Series, your donation to The Peanut Fund is not refundable.